Lean Operations

The U of I BIS Lean System Implementation will help your organization thrive by integrating leadership, lean systems thinking, and a culture of innovation into one overall plan for success.

U of I BIS has a 28-year track record working with our partner organizations to integrate all the big proven ideas of leadership of people, lean enterprise, and innovation into a step-by-step methodology. Organizations that have implemented the U of I BIS System are thriving in spite of the recession.

Lean only works if it rests on the bedrock of good people management skills, or as the famous Dr. Edwards Deming said, "Leadership - Give responsibility and ownership to the people who do the work and respect them."

Our experience in hundreds of organizations provides the evidence that Lean Systems Thinking can work in any organization, whether it is manufacturing, health care, financial institutions, service industries, union or non-union; anywhere there is a transaction, Lean works.

The Lean tools and methodologies, when used effectively, solve real problems and make improvements in the way work is performed

  • at each level in the organization,
  • in each activity,
  • in real time,
  • at the root cause.

The U of I BIS approach is 'hands-on' and customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. We follow a 'learn by doing' approach so that your employees participate in each and every improvement that is made at every level of the organization, saving money, eliminating waste, and making customers or patients very happy.

For more information on the U of I BIS Lean Implementation System, call Mary Rose Hennessy at 630-505-0500 ex. 225.


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